Friday, April 10, 2015

Natural Hair Restoration Products May Be Safer

Potential side effects are a major concern when taking prescription medicines. Sometimes these side effects are more problematic than the problem they propose to treat. In a commercial ad on TV, 10 seconds is spent talking about the benefits that a new wonder drug can give and 90% of the remaining time is spent in mentioning the side effects. When I am asked to decide whether I should eat a pepperoni pizza and get a heartburn and then take a dangerous drug to stop the heartburn, or not eat the pizza, I would choose to stop eating the pizza. This way I wouldn't have to buy the expensive prescription and run the risk of further complications.
Treatments for hair loss are another good example of this dilemma on prescription medicines. Finasteride which is the famously prescribed medication for treating male pattern baldness is also known for its unpleasant side effects. It is a great DHT blocker but using it has several side effects. As a result, it seems that using the best hair restoration product is not worthwhile. Among men, the most common negative side effect is the decrease in libido or sex drive. This may sound ironic because a lot of balding men who worry about their condition also think that they are going to be unlucky in love as more hair is lost. So, if you have hair loss problems and love problems it's hard to trade off any of the two.

Anyway, how about the problems faced by woman with hair loss? Do you know that by just touching a broken tablet of Finasteride, it can lead to the absorption of the substance into her skin and there is higher risk to create birth defects to her unborn male fetus? To be particular, it affects the normal and healthy development of the baby's sex organs.
What are the things you can do to solve your balding and hair thinning problems and avoid the risk of these side effects? You may want to check out one of these two most natural hair restoration products to explore your options. The first of these products is Saw Palmetto. This has been used for centuries by the native people living in South East. It has been known to treat a lot of ailments such as problems in the urinary tract which is the same problem that Finasteride was originally developed to cure. The extract from this product is taken orally.
Another natural remedy is the Stingy Nettle Root. This is a product that is available many places in the planet and has the same significant properties as Saw Palmetto. Comparing the two treatments, it seems that the palm extract has better results.
Natural hair products can offer you almost the same results like that of an artificial drug. You can opt for these products if you want to avoid the negative side effects of man-made drugs.
If you are worried about your hair loss but you are not ready to take the risk of some of the pharmaceutical drugs on the market then may you should look into natural hair restoration as a safe alternative. These herbs and remedies have been used for centuries by people native to the areas they come from. Natural hair loss treatments may be the answer you have been looking for.
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