Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to Set Yourself Apart As a Natural Hair Artist

When it comes to "doing" chemical-free hair, the barriers to entry are minimal. In some states, it is as simple as merely knowing how to braid. Depending on the state, other regulations maybe in place to ensure that natural hair artist(NHA) meet a set of standards as agreed on by the state. But is that all that is needed...a license to practice and the skill to braid, twist, etc.? Loving your job, customer service, and being an Expert all help to set natural stylist apart from just the average "braider."
Being "in love" with one's job is pretty simple. If you love what they do, it will show in your work, behavior, and in everything else that you are involved in. When you love what you do, you are excited and passionate about it and want to do it to the best of your ability. That is how a NHA has to approach their job. Loving what one does will ensure that their clients love what they do as well.
The ability to provide customer service to their clients is important. In fact, in many situations, a client will leave a stylist based on poor customer service alone. There are a plethora of ways a stylist can be sure their service is on point. Timeliness is important. It is key to book clients so their wait time is as short as possible. No one likes to wait. If clients knows that their time spent with you will be devoted to them solely, they will value that time. Knowing this, also will ensure their timeliness as well. If they know you are waiting on them, they will be less likely to keep YOU waiting. Additionally, keep the interruptions to a minimum, during appointments. Technology allows us to stay in contact with others through text, phone calls, emails, and social media. But, just imagine how annoyed a customer will become if you are constantly stopping to answering phone calls, return text messages, or post/respond on Facebook. Clients are paying you for your time (and skill), make it worth it.

Being looked at as an expert, also helps to increase a stylist's presence in the natural hair community. This includes going out of their way to be available to answer client questions and handle issues that might arise between appointments. Letting clients know that their hair questions are welcome and being available via phone, email, or text. Setting time aside to answer questions, will guarantee clients look to their stylist as the "go to" person for their hair questions. This will also challenge the stylist to increase their knowledge beyond the mundane.
Though the topics discussed here are not exhaustive when it comes to a Natural Hair artist setting themselves apart; incorporating these components into a business model will ensure that their services have an edge on others.
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