Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The 'You Are Loved' Natural Cure for Stress

Stress can lead to numerous problems. Most common illnesses like migraine, muscle pain and insomnia stems from a stressful life. Therefore, it is important to find natural cures for stress in order to relieve you from sickness.
Acupuncture, the most accepted natural cure for stress is a technique that puts pressure on certain parts of the body by using hair-like needles. Practitioners of this method believes that stress is brought about by disruption of flow of our energy force. Unblocking the pathway of energy forces in our body is the main goal of this therapy. The needles are being inserted in these pathways, which are also called meridians, to remove the blockage which, in turn, will help the patient relax.

Another form of relieving stress is by affirmation. Telling yourself that you are loved and accepted is another way of promoting relaxation. This is where the natural cure for stress, called Emotional Freedom Technique has been found useful. In this method, a person would be tapping parts of his body while reciting phrases that affirms himself of his importance. One of the phrase used is: "Even though I feel stressed and anxious, I accept how I feel right now." With reciting this phrase and tapping yourself, your subconscious will feel assured. The technique will also help the patient evaluate the level of stress thus, it will be easier to deal with.
It is said that the human body is composed of two parts, the physical or visible body and the invisible or bioplasmic body, which is energy. Bioplasmic body, most commonly known as aura is also called prana. A natural cure for stress, Pranic Healing, is based on this belief. This form of healing involves scanning, cleansing and strengthening the energy body by dealing with the prana. The process focuses on de-congesting the solar plexus chakra which is believed to have a direct relation to stress and its effects. Once the solar plexus chakra is working properly, all the other chakras are believed to work properly as almost all energies pass through this path.
Stress as we know, comes from our mind. It triggers depending on how a person deals with the environment. All things in this world may exacerbate stress, traffic, bosses, jobs and even family can be a factor affecting our emotions. Managing our emotions and body is a natural cure for stress.
The above techniques discussed are helping our body heal on its own. By dealing with the inner issues, the physical manifestations will be cured as well. The greatest natural cure for stress is healing our mind and body by using our energy properly and focusing our thoughts on the good instead of the bad.
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