Monday, May 25, 2015

The Best Natural Hair Growth Treatments Found Under One Roof

While the hair loss industry is a billion dollar a year business, you don't have to sacrifice your hard-earned money to make these companies pockets fatter.
All you have to do is put to use a few natural hair growth treatments and you'll be able to kiss thin hair goodbye. Trust me, it's being done by folks like you and I every single day.
Just to give you a few examples that you can start using today, consider the powerful effects of onions. Yes they are smelly foods, but they contain a ton of sulfur.

Sulfur is like a miracle ingredient for increasing hair count fast. All you need to do to is cut an onion open, rub the pulp of the onion against your scalp, then follow by shampooing your hair the way you normally do. That's it!
Now besides foods like onions that are packed with sulfur, another natural hair growth treatment found effective by many is olive oil. You use olive oil to bring out flavor in some of your favorite dishes. I just love it for this reason.
The real reason though to get excited about the topical application of olive oil is that it's an extremely effective hair de-greaser. Unlike commercial shampoo that clogs the follicles and leaves behind residue you can't see, olive oil lifts years of all the gunk and grime from these cleansers.
Clogged follicles are a major cause of baldness and thinning of the hair. Just massage olive oil into your scalp each day at night, leave it on till morning, and follow by rinsing out with a mild shampoo.
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