Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Natural Hair Growth and Transitioning - 3 Steps to Stronger, Healthier Hair

Natural hair growth can be a puzzle if you don't know how to care for your locks
Here are three lessons to learn while loving your new curls.
Combing is a Brand New Situation
You cannot comb your hair the same way you did before. First, wide tooth seamless combs are a necessity. Using fine tooth combs are considered acts of violence against your curls.
With Relaxed hair, gliding the comb down the hair from top to bottom in one fell swoop was expected. However, natural hair will not comply.
Combing natural hair now must be a practice in patience so gentle handling is key. Start at the ends and with a light tapping motion, gently comb the hair and then move up in sections as you free your strands of knots.
Sometimes, however, you will need to remove knots with your hands not your comb. Be ready to switch tools. Combs do not solve every detangling issue. I've had to use safety pins, yes, safety pins, to get in the middle of a knot to loosen it.
Frequent Manipulation is Not Necessary

Now, I'm not saying that your hair is a rotisserie chicken and you can just "set it and forget it," but less fuss is really needed to upkeep your hair depending on your styling choice.
A two-strand twist style allows you to wear a style for about a week. While your hair is in this twisted style, you will not be combing, brushing or manipulating it, so hair can grow without the constant handling that can damage it. This is why dreadlocks thrive.
Hair has to deal with enough harm such as weathering, which is a natural deterioration of hair as it gets older. However, if you can decrease the manipulation and handling of your hair, it will last longer and be stronger before it sheds from the scalp. And lastly,...
Water is your Best Friend
Water is considered the enemy to all those with a relaxer, but with natural hair you really can go outside and if you don't have an umbrella, life doesn't end.
With natural hair, water will make your hair shrink, but that is about it. You can stretch it with a braid or a twist and air dry it overnight.
Also, for natural hair, water is life. Moisture is what keeps your hair flexible and prevents breakage. If your hair is dry, it will snap like a twig, preventing you from growing stronger hair.
So understanding these three lessons will help you to understand your hair which will start you on the road to happy and healthy curls.
Eva D.
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