Monday, May 25, 2015

Hair Loss Vitamins Stimulate Natural Hair Regrowth

If you suffer from pattern baldness, be it either hair thinning or the loss of hair, you no doubt know how embarrassing and frustrating it can be. Losing your hair can make you more self conscious, making it hard to enjoy going out in public and even forgo doing some of the things that you love. So, if you are one of the millions of people seeking a solution, you will be pleased to know that an effective natural hair loss remedy is now available. It has specific vitamins for your hair that help stimulate hair regrowth by stimulating the individual follicles on the scalp and by giving your body the nutrients it needs to naturally regrow a full, healthy head of hair.

Hair loss vitamins for men contain a number of ingredients used to stimulate hair regrowth. Ingredients such as biotin and saw palmetto work to help promote healthy hair growth and to keep testosterone from turning into the enzymes that can strangle or kill hair follicles. Muria Pauma is a bark extract used in high quality men's hair loss vitamins to help regulate hormonal and body functions specific to males. When combined with other vital minerals and vitamins such as zinc and vitamin B6, the combination have remarkable hair regrowth results.
Hair loss vitamins for women are also effective when the right combinations and strengths are used. An effective women's formula will contain such ingredients as para-amino benzoic acid, which can prevent not only hair thinning, but graying and skin pigmentation problems. Magnesium is also an important mineral in these supplements, as it adds a great deal to the health of the specifically hair and the body as a whole. Choosing a product that is especially formulated with the minerals and vitamins that are most important for women's hair regrowth is crucial when seeking a product that will truly work. The needs of men and women are quite different, and it is important to ensure that the makers of your product understand this.
When you take hair loss vitamins that are formulated for your needs, you can expect to see excellent results in time. Provillus is an excellent hair loss vitamin that works alongside a topical solution to give you the results you really want. Provillus vitamins contain a number of active ingredients designed to treat the hair and body from the inside out, offering a wide array of health benefits that extend far beyond the scalp.
What makes Provillus different is that when combined with the topical solution, it provides outstanding results. The topical solution offers a five percent concentration of Minoxidil, an FDA approved ingredient that has been shown time and again to stimulate hair regrowth. As with any pattern baldness treatment, Provillus is not meant to treat hair loss caused by chemotherapy or other serious medical conditions. What it can do, however, is provide an excellent treatment for pattern baldness caused by heredity, and hormonal imbalances, which comprise the majority of all hair loss cases. If you are seeking the best hair loss vitamins, Provillus is certainly an excellent choice, and when you consider the numerous benefits of combining these supplements with the topical solution, the answer to your hair loss problems becomes remarkably clear.
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