Monday, May 18, 2015

Five Ways to Show Your Natural Hair Some Love

As I reflected on the most sought out love scripture passage in the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7, I was amazed how these same descriptions for love can apply to our natural hair. Here are five ways you, my sister, can show your hair some love this Valentine's day and everyday.
1. Love is patient...As your detangling your beautiful tresses, be patient in the process. Don't rush through it, as your hurriedness may lead to more tangles and damage. Schedule time to detangle, turn on some good "girl" music, and be patient.
2. Love is kind...Show kindness to your natural hair by giving it a lavender scented scalp massage (or choose a scent of your choice) and a deep condition with honey added for shine. Your strands will love YOU for this! For an added bonus, why not light a candle and if you choose to sit under a dryer for deep conditioning, watch some YouTube tutorials to see which styles you want to bless your hair with next.
3. It does not envy...This day is not the day to say "I wish I had hair like _____." God gave you exactly the type of hair He wanted you to have, and He did not make a mistake because when He created you, He said "It is very good!" So get in the mirror and tell your curls, "You go girl! Rock on with your bad self! Even though sometimes you don't always cooperate, I don't want anyone's hair but you." Sounds silly I know, but there is power in what you speak.

4. Always protects...Sisters, if your hair bonnet (your natural hair protection) has not been washed in over a month, please take the time to wash it tonight! If you have a few extra dollars, purchase your hair a satin pillow case or a new bonnet if you know it is well pass time to get one. Lastly, find a protective style that fits your personality and rock it like no other this Valentine's day!
5. Always perseveres...I know sometimes you feel like giving up, slapping on a hat, and pray that overnight your hair will transform. Sisters, don't give up. Show your hair how much you love it by not throwing in the towel (or using one for that matter) when you're having a bad hair day. Instead, put some love in the hair by adding a flower, a headband, or a great beanie or head wrap. Natural hair styling is limitless! Persevere! The results will be worth it.
Enjoy your journey, and remember when God created you, He said "It is very good!" Naturally You Glorify Him!
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